Solar panels are indeed a big investment and it is normal for the consumers to expect a payoff. And if it works well, this makes the solar panels serve its purpose and work great not only for the environment but at the same time easy and wallet friendly.

Many of the solar panel purchasers spent thousands of dollars for their solar power installation and comes with this big investment is a reasonable expectation that solar energy will start to pay for itself after a few years. And if you are a consumer you need to be absolutely certain that it will happen, and by that you also need a warranty on your solar panels. Now if you are wondering what are the solar panels warranties, read on for you to be aware of the warranties you can get from Austin solar power installation.

Basing on the basics, a warranty is about an agreement with a manufacturer or business company that they will handle repair as well as replace an item if it’s not working for a given amount of time. So, this means, the company where you get the solar panels should release a warranty in order to protect them and there are two types of warranties, one is warranty for the solar panel performance and the other warranty is for the equipment itself.

Solar Panel Performance Warranties

Performance warranty’s purpose is to cover your assurance with regards to the solar panels output and production after they are being set up.  With the solar panel performance warranty, generally, you can expect that your panels are still able to produce 90% of the maximum output roughly after ten years and about 85% of the production after 25 years. This means that within the first 25years of your solar panels use you can seek assistance from the solar company where you get your panels, you can get a repair and maintenance if your solar panels production and output unexpectedly drops lower the threshold.

Equipment Warranties

Equipment warranties and solar panel performance warranty are separate type of warranties. The equipment warranty protects the solar panels and the materials of the panels themselves. This warranty covers if the panels are shipped out as well as installed with defects, damaged from high winds or hail in a storm or other issues like regular wear and tear. You also must check the agreement fine print to learn if installation and shipping fees are also included and covered by the panel provider. In most cases, equipment warranties are usually shorter compare to performance warranties but on average you can expect your solar panels to be covered by the manufacturer for a longer period of time.

With this being said solar panels warranties still vary from one company to the other so it is important you know and understand the agreement. It is vital that identify every single detail that’s concerning your solar panel warranty either about the equipment or the performance. Be sure to understand as well having the warranty doesn’t mean it’s fine not to handle your panels with care for the reason that there could be damages on your equipment that the manufacturer won’t cover.